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Christ Episcopal Church

413 West Evesham Avenue 

Magnolia, New Jersey 08049-0067

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Christ Church Food Pantry Program


Christ Church in Magnolia runs a Food Pantry Program to provide supplemental food and toiletries to those members of the community in need of assistance.  Started in January 2012, the Food Pantry continues to offer assistance in a caring and respectful way.   The Food Pantry is based on the premise of accepting help when it is needed, being thankful for all that we have, and “paying it forward” by supporting the program with prayer and donations


The goals of the Food Pantry are to:

(1)   Demonstrate God’s love for his people by letting those in need know that people care about them

(2)   Help the general community recognize what they have, be grateful for it, and share in the hope of what is possible when we actively care about each other.


The food and toiletries used to supply the FPP have come from the members of the Christ Church congregation and have been supplemented through the generous gifts of a small number of organizations.  Our vision is to receive the support of the community and to secure additional individual and group sponsorship to enable us to sustain the Food Pantry and to expand our ability to minister to those in need. 

For more information, please contact Christ Church, Magnolia, NJ.

Suggested Donations

Food Items                                                             Toiletry Items

Cereal (box)                                                            Bar Soap

Pancake Mix (only needs water) & Syrup                    Shampoo

Instant Oatmeal                                                       Toothpaste

Peanut Butter                                                           Tooth Brush

Jelly                                                                         Toilet Paper (individually wrapped)

Tuna (can)                                                                Paper Towels (individually wrapped)

Canned Soup                                                            Tissues (box)

Pasta (box)                                                                Deodorant

Pasta Sauce                                                               Laundry Detergent

Macaroni and Cheese (box)                                      Dish Detergent

Canned Vegetables (Corn, Green Beans, Peas, Carrots) 

Apple Sauce / Canned Fruit