Christ Episcopal Church
PO Box 67 413 West Evesham Road
Magnolia, New Jersey 08049
Phone ~ 856.783.4270
9:15 a.m. Christian Education
10:00 a.m. Service

Welcome everyone!


We are thrilled to share all that we have received!


Something quite wonderful happened almost three years ago when our Lord worked in an amazing way, performing a miracle that resulted in what you see here today.


Once there were two separate Christ Churches, one in Collingswood and the other here in Magnolia. Both came from fairly humble beginnings, meeting in “house churches” just as the early Christians did. Eventually, each congregation built a permanent place in which to worship.


In each of the two locations, priests served for various lengths of time. Sometimes there weren’t any priests, but the congregations remained steadfast with continued worship and keeping their doors open.


More recently, under the leadership of Father Critelli and Father Yerkes, the two separate congregations found each other and eventually became one as a merger took place.


The Collingswood property was sold to another Christian congregation. This sale made possible the demolition of the Magnolia vicarage and the old church building, both of which were in poor condition, and the erection of this amazing place, more wonderful than any of us could have imagined.


This was not an easy step for our Collingswood brothers and sisters, who had to leave their beloved church, but their sacrifice is what has made this House of God happen.


For about a year we held services in the Parish Hall during the demolition and construction. Then finally, on November 13, 2011, we had the first celebration of the Holy Eucharist in our new sanctuary—a most joyful occasion, to put it mildly. And on December 10, 2011, Bishop Councell dedicated and consecrated the new building in a glorious, festive service.


It has definitely been worth the sweat and tears, combined with the dedication and love for each other and for our church.


We are faithful witnesses of Jesus Christ—fully merged, fully one! Thanks be to God, who makes all things new.