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PENTECOST 2022 – June 5, 2022

Christ Church, Magnolia, New Jersey


Dear Friends in Christ:


This Sunday we celebrate the Feast of Pentecost in the Church. It brings to an end the Season of Easter and opens us to a new focus – being the Church of Jesus Christ. The events of Jesus’ life and ministry culminated with his Crucifixion in Jerusalem on a Friday and the miracle of Resurrection on Sunday. Pentecost marks the foundation of the Church. Now we, his followers, are to carry on his mission and ministry. Now we are empowered by the Holy Spirit to proclaim the Good News of Jesus to the world!


What does that mean for us? I am struck by what the author Brian McLaren has to say about our journey with Christianity. I have become weary and alarmed at those who try to make Christianity fix their world views to justify their actions. Today there are those who speak of Christian nationalism … while Jesus’ message is meant for the world! I disapprove of those who select a few Biblical passages to condone their judgment, exclusion and hatred toward others. Jesus came among us and speaks of God’s love that breaks down all barriers.


Brian McLaren’s latest book, “Do I Stay Christian?”, challenges me to think what the Holy Spirit has to say to us today. The Spirit came to teach and guide us in the ways of Jesus. McLaren talks of Jesus referring to himself as the Son of Man. Jesus is saying that he represents the essence of humanity, a new generation, a new kind of human being. His invitation is to follow him, imitate him and join Jesus on a journey of a new way of being human. I believe that the Holy Spirit reaches out to be this new kind of human being!


McLaren goes on to say the marks of this human being aspires to be humble, just and religious.   To me, these are the marks of living our Jesus’ commandment to love! By being religious, McLaren goes on to say he means being intentional in our lives. He says this means seeking out practices that promote justice, kindness and humility. I believe these are the things the Spirit wants us to do to build faith communities that promote these things.


In the midst of the uncertainty that the future of Christianity faces, McLaren invites us to continue what he call our spiritual quest. He goes on to say that we are invited to become the most just, kind and humble versions of ourselves that we can possibly be now, day by day. He continues that we are called to practice a faith that expresses itself in love and that will further the new humanity that Jesus introduced! I would add that this is the mission of the Church and what the Holy Spirit will help us become and proclaim!


Does this make sense to you? Let’s find ways to discuss this among ourselves, with the help of the Holy Spirit! Let’s become the Church, the new humanity and new generation that Jesus asks us to be now! With warmest regards, I remain, faithfully yours in Christ, Fr. Pat

We are unique!

We probably never should have happened. But here we are joining two separate church communities into one and enjoying every minute of it.  Properties were sold and properties demolished but our soul remains strong. The people of Christ Church are here because we want to be a part of the “New Thing” that God has created in our midst. We are committed to outreach.  Our goal is not to amass wealth, but to use the resources we have to build our spiritual base and support those less fortunate.

Food pantries… Back packs…Christmas with Santa are just a few of our projects. Studies in Scripture, Quiet retreats and opportunities for fellowship come together to help give meaning to our Sunday  Liturgy. There are not any red carpets in our newly consecrated church building, just a stone floor ready to accommodate the wheel chairs and walkers for the disabled.

The Good Shepherd window is the focal point of our worship area. We are a community where in the words of J.S. Bach, “Sheep May Safely Graze”.  Come in and See.

Father Critelli

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